SPCA50X USB Camera Linux Driver

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Things are now "back to normal", which means that the newest code is once again available from http://mxhaard.free.fr/download.html. You may wonder why we don't use CVS, but at the moment Michel Xhaard is pretty much the sole maintainer of spca50x, so it works quite well this way. But in time we do plan to put the code back into CVS, and make a real spca50x release.
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This is a GNU/Linux kernel driver for USB cameras based on Sunplus spca50* and some spca5** chipsets; below is a list of supported cameras and bridges. The driver is currently under heavy development, and it is released in the hope that other developers will join us, test it and help improve it.

Supported bridges

Bridge Sensor Status Comments
spca500 SAA7113 Fair Support for raw JPEG
spca501 SAA7113 Fair  
spca504 OV9620 Fair  
spca505 SAA7113 Fair Brightness and contrast are tricky
spca506 SAA7113 Untested  
spca508 OV6620/PAS106B Fair Only support for uncompressed stream
spca533a   Fair  
spca561a   Fair  


There are two ways of contacting the developers of the spca50x driver:

Updated Marts 2006. Please send comments and suggestions to the mailing list.